Vancouver Tourism Challenge 2023

If you are participating in the Vancouver Tourism Challenge 2023, please start with a visit to Kaboodles and Walrus on Cambie at W.18th. Pick up a crossword puzzle and receive your first stamp. Follow the instructions below to receive your second and third stamp.

*Please note, this Challenge is not open to the general public, but rather it is for the hard-working members of Vancouver’s thriving tourism industry.

INSTRUCTIONS (also printed on the bottom of the crossword puzzle)

Welcome to Cambie Village, the Heart of Vancouver®, where you can earn up to three stamps.

  1. Congratulations! You earned your first stamp by picking up this crossword puzzle.
  2. Return this puzzle, correctly completed to either Walrus or Kaboodles on Cambie at W.18th for your second stamp. Hint: all of the answers are located in Cambie Village. In early June, there will be a draw for a Cambie Village prize pack, so include your name and a way to reach you.
  3. To earn a third stamp, simply visit Scotiabank at West King Edward and Cambie Street, or visit Small Business BC’s office at City Square at 555 W.12th Avenue, 5th Floor, West Tower.

******Take note: the stamp offered at Kaboodles and Walrus is different than the stamp offered at Scotiabank and at Small Business BC. If you collect three stamps, you will have two of the Cambie Village logo, and one of the Cambie Village tagline.******