Candidates for the Tourism Challenge who visit Cambie Village need to do the following to get their stamps:

Visit one of these businesses:

1)      Scotiabank at W.25th/ King Edward

2)      Walrus at Cambie and W.18th

3)      Kaboodles at Cambie and W.18th

Follow the following steps:

  1. At any of these locations, you can pick up postcards of the Cambie Village murals.
  2. You must then find the matching mural somewhere in Cambie Village. There are four different postcards, and four different murals. Each picture with yourself, the postcard, and the mural will be worth one stamp (for a maximum of three stamps). For those wanting all three stamps, that would be three pictures.
  3. You then go back to any of the three businesses listed above (doesn’t have to be the same one where they picked up the cards). Then show your photo(s) to the business rep, and get one stamp for each mural selfie, up to three stamps. One stamp per mural.
  4. There is no need to upload to social media, but if you want to, please tag @cambievillage.

IMPORTANT: If you are not holding the card, then the image does not count.

You can keep the cards or return them to the business for recycling or reuse.

Any further questions?

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