The 17th Annual Cambie Village Summer Sizzler headliner is Econoline Crush – one of Canada’s favourite bands!

 Econoline Crush was first formed in 1992 when Trevor Hurst moved to Vancouver from Seattle to pursue his vocal career following an ad in the “The Rocket”. The original trio consisting of Hurst, Tom Ferris, and Chris Meyers began making demos together alongside new members, later taking the name Econoline Crush. In 1994, the band signed a record deal with EMI Music Canada and released their first EP “Purge” following the loss of Ferris and Meyers from the band. Econoline Crush`s take on alternative rock and grunge became popular quickly into their career with two Juno award nominations and platinum status on their album “The Devil You Know.”

After a successful run, the band disbanded in 2001 following the release of their third album “Brand New History”. At this point, music was changing quickly with the introduction of streaming and Hurst felt he wasn’t making an impact with music anymore, the band naturally went their separate ways.

During their hiatus, Hurst pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Psychiatric Nursing and started working as a community care nurse at Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation in southwest Manitoba. While juggling a job and ADD, Hurst continued playing music and felt a form of love and acceptance in the community he never experienced before.

In 2007, Hurst, who felt inspired by his job, started to regain contact with members of Econoline Crush and their story escalated from there. Hurst remains the only original member of the band and dedicates their new album “When the Devil Drives” to their friend and guitarist, Ziggy, who passed away in 2022. Econoline Crush continues to CRUSH with their revamped music, gaining over one million streams on Spotify.