Cambie Village has lots of  of places where visitors can shop, dine, play and so much more!  From internationally recognized brands to local home-grown hot spots. Located on one of Vancouver’s primary heritage boulevards, Cambie Village extends from West 6th Avenue to King Edward Avenue. The area is well connected to main transit lines, including the 99 B-Line and the Canada Line SkyTrain, granting visitors and residents alike convenient access from most parts of the city and Vancouver International Airport, thus the well deserved title of “Heart of Vancouver.” The Cambie Village Business Association is comprised of the commercial property owners and the merchant.

3G Vegetarian Restaurant3424
7 Sushi3488
A & W555 W. 12th Ave
A & W467 W.
Benkei Ramen545 W.
Biercraft Bistro3305
Blenz521 W.
Bubble Waffle Cafe555 W. 12th Ave
Café Gloucester3338
Copa Cafe4032
Corner 234008
Cultured Coffee and Tea555 W. 12th Ave
Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe3292
Flying Wedge Pizza3357
Hot Cha Café3306
Hot Delivery Chinese Food3002
Indian Junction Restaurant3364
Indian Roti Kitchen2961
JJ Bean3399 Cambie
KINO Café3456 
Kim Son Vietnamese Food555 W. 12th Ave #30604-879-8986
Kirin Restaurant555 W. 12th Ave
Landmark Hot Pot House4023 
Las Tortas3353 
Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery3385
Marble Slab Creamery541 W.
McDonald’s537 W.
Moii Cafe2559 
Nabebugyo Hot Pot3190
New Sun Restaurant2925 
New Town Bakery3484
Pepper Lunch2323
Pho Xe Lua 243346 Cambie604-876-6618
Piast Bakery3280
Porto Café at Cambie Bridge2207
Rain or Shine3382
Salad Farm555 W. 12th Ave #9A
Shiro Japanese3096
Sizzling Wok555 W. 12th Ave #27604-872-8837
SOHO Tea Room3466
Soup Zone555 W. 12th Ave
Starbucks555 W. 12th Ave
Starbucks at the Rise2378
Subway555 W. 12th Ave
Sushi Bang2315
Sushi ToMi555 W. 12th Ave
Sushi TonTon4018
Teya Grill555 W. 12th Ave #31604-873-9095
Thai Away Home3315
The Captain's Boil3250
The Firewood Cafe Pizza3004
Tim Horton’s4065
Tokyo John’s3365
TTOB - The Tea of Brightness3318
Uncle Fatih's Pizza477 W. 8th
Veggie Favour Vegetarian Food Store3296
Viet House Restaurant3420
Water80 Dim Sum555 W. 12th Ave
Wendy's480 W. 8th
WestCoast Poke463 W. 8th
Xing Fu Tang3432
Yi Fang Fruit Tea4020