Black Dog Video: Movie Fan Haven

By Jocelyn Crawford

A true hidden gem, Black Dog Video is one of the few remaining DVD rental stores in Vancouver and a haven for movie fans. Located in Cambie Village, where you can find a variety of independently owned stores and restaurants, it’s the perfect community to explore for dinner and a movie to go.

RJ, a longtime customer since 1997 and now ecstatic employee is overjoyed to “put (his) knowledge and passion to use and get paid for it”. He remarks on how Black Dog Video celebrates the history of cinema unlike a majority of the streaming trend. RJ loves sharing the many worlds of the cinema and helping people find the best fit for them. Both the latest releases and the obscure can be found on the many shelves that populate the store as well as a variety of movie memorabilia. There are also a plethora of DVDs available to purchase including older films that can be hard to come-by. Though streaming services like Netflix seem to be dominating the entertainment world, the experience of looking through a plethora of DVD cases to find a hidden treasure can never be replaced.

Going strong for 22 years with over 37 000 members crossing its threshold, Black Dog Video is a retro relic where regulars, movie lovers, and curious onlookers off the street can rent portals to explore different worlds from the comfort of their couches.