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Cambie is named for Henry John Cambie, chief surveyor of the Canadian Pacific Railway's western division (as is Cambie Road, a major thoroughfare in nearby Richmond).

There are two distinct sections of the St.. North of False Creek, the St. runs on a northeast-southwest alignment (following the rotated St. grid within downtown Vancouver). As such, the St. actually runs perpendicular to the Cambie St. Bridge, and there is no seamless connection between the two. Instead, Nelson St. carries southbound traffic onto the bridge, and Smithe St. carries northbound traffic away from the bridge. The downtown section of Cambie St. runs from Water St. in Gastown in the north to Pacific Boulevard in Yaletown in the south and is a two-way St. for its length.

South of False Creek, the St. is a major 6-lane arterial road, and runs as a 2-way north-south thoroughfare according to the St. grid for the rest of Vancouver. Between King Edward Avenue West and Southwest Marine Drive, the St. has a 10 metre wide boulevard with grass and many well established trees on it.


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